Day twenty-five.

Someone who fascinates you and why.

I am constantly fascinated by the behavior of my now-ex. How someone can agree to help you with your internship and then say you talk too much when you mention that a family member’s health is in jeopardy is pretty confusing. He warmed up to me the other day for a fleeting moment, but I kind of ruined it. Well, c’est la vie. I’m gaining some valuable insight into human behavior from this.

I am also fascinated by Walt Disney. His ways of thinking combined the fantastical and the practical, the necessary and the extraneous (but necessary to those of us who see things in the same way). I almost wonder if he would have tested on the spectrum like me–it’s well known that his brother Roy was responsible for the business decisions due to Walt’s complete lack of common sense. But in a good way. And he knew the plight of the adult trapped with the child’s fantasy. He knew that many of us wished to escape in the way that he did, but didn’t have the place to.

I’ve always found visiting the theme parks to be a more effective mental health treatment than any therapy, but maybe that’s just me.



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