Today, I showed the Autism $peaks commercial ‘I am Autism’ to my marketing class as an example of ‘unethical advertising’. I gave a short background on the company in order to set up for the intense rhetoric that they were about to hear, so they could know exactly what they were about to see. I’ve mentioned before that I was autistic, so I didn’t feel the need to do it again.

They watched the video in silence and darkness, and I instructed the professor to stop the video before A$’ half-assed attempt at making up for the hate that had just been spewed could take place.

The faces in the room were mostly blank. I’m sure it was out of shock for what they had just heard. If that hadn’t been enough, I decided to give them one sentence that would completely change their perspective on the whole thing.

‘Imagine if the person that commercial was talking about was you.’

If that isn’t all it should take to get people to finally start looking critically at this sham of an organization, I don’t know what is.